Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wipp/Zill Baby Shower

Okay, so this post is only about three months late, but I thought I had better post about our first two showers now before our next two showers (which are next Tuesday and the following Monday). Yes, FOUR baby showers! We have already been blessed beyond belief by Michigan family and friends and now our Tennessee friends are throwing us baby showers. Amazing!

Our first shower was in my hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan on October 16 when we were a mere 21 weeks pregnant. My aunts and mom put it all together for us and it was way better than we ever could have imagined! Neither Todd nor I are 'theme' people so my poor aunt had to come up with something on her own and she did awesome! Todd and I are huge Detroit Tigers fans and so as you can see from the pictures the theme for the baby shower fit us perfectly!

We had family and friends from over two hours away attend as well as friends from my childhood. My best friend drove up from Ohio with her two boys, both under three, only to have to drive back to Ohio to be back for a dinner at her church that same evening. Family from both my mom's side as well as my dad's side were there.  People we hadn't seen since our wedding seven years ago were there. We were overwhelmed just by those in attendance so you can imagine what we felt like after opening all the gifts.

We received everything from our Chicco Travel System to cute, tiny clothes to homemade quilts. The pictures do not do the love and generosity of our family and friends justice. I have more pictures somewhere that I hope to find and post soon!

Each guest received a homemade bag (thanks to my Aunt Kathy filled with homemade goodies thanks to my Aunt Linda)
Landon's first Detroit Tigers gear on a cute coat rack from Uncle Ron
Todd and I still in shock from the love showed by our family and friends (this picture doesn't show everything)!

Our cake made by a childhood friend's mom (also a friend!). Everything is homemade and edible except the baby - The detail was crazy!
And last but not least, gifts for Grace from my aunts and cousins :)

*Post about the Ashley/Noorman shower to follow!


  1. Wow, what a blessing to have such generous friends! Love the dog gifts! =)