Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sights & Sounds of The Day

Today's ultrasound made up for the four years of seeing an empty womb on the monitor. The tech had no problem locating our precious baby :) He/she is measuring 6w1d with a heartbeat of 119. Along with the u/s, I had blood work done.  We will find out tomorrow whether or not we need to keep up with the Progesterone shots and Estrace.

In other news, I still don't have any nausea. I do have to go to the bathroom at least once an hour. At night it is even worse - I probably go to the bathroom 5-6 times in the first hour after I lay down. I eventually get up because I can't sleep. I have been falling asleep around 3AM for the last two weeks. Not fun, but at least I am on summer break! Heartburn hasn't been bad since that first weekend after implantation took place. I am hungry more often but have actually lost 4 pounds since we found out I was pregnant. However, I do not fit into any of my pants OR shorts due to the bloating. A shopping trip is needed in the near future to solve this problem as I am getting tired of wearing the few bottoms that I own that actually fit me. Good thing I will be home on Friday to go shopping with my mom!

No other news to report as of now. I do have a week's worth of old posts that I will post within the next couple days. I know you all will be waiting for them :)

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers - GOD is good!

*Baby is circled in pink!

Harder (and Longer) Than a 2WW

I truly think this 9dw has been harder (and longer) than the 2ww was. While we have had the positive pregnancy tests, and I have had some pregnancy symptoms, seeing the baby(ies) is what is going to seal the deal for me  :) 

During our fertility journey I have had numerous ultrasounds to check out this or that. Though not painful, they aren't a treat either. Oh, and I am not talking about external ultrasounds. Anyhow, today will be the first time we see the baby(ies) and we couldn't be more excited!!

Thanks to those who have sent their prayers and well wishes!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rest Assured

After much prayer and talking with the nurse at great lengths several times yesterday, I am good. Dr. Keenan is not at all concerned that my BETA did not double for three reasons. One, the first BETA was so high. Two, while they like to see the number double in 48 hours, it can actually take 48-72 hours to see this happen. Three, it did increase 65%. As for the estrogen, he is not concerned with this either since I am taking Estrace, 2mg, 2x daily. Yea!

On to other news: We will be 5 weeks this Saturday with our first u/s scheduled for Monday, June 21! Since my cycle was controlled with the Lupron, using the date of my last menstrual cycle would not have given us an accurate due date. The nurse used the last day of Lupron to calculate our DD giving us a due date of February 12, 2011. Oh my...this is all starting to seem more real :)

Since Todd and I are both teachers we have the summers off. Last summer we started Summer Date Days. One day a week we go on a date. We do something different each week. Today is our first Summer Date Day of 2010. We are going to pick up Quiznos in Nashville and eat in Centennial Park followed by a movie and some shopping. I love date days!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BETA #2 and Estrogen Levels

We got the results for our second BETA today: 693. If you don't remember, our first BETA on Monday was 420. The nurse said that even though they like to see it double, the doctor was OK with it and for us to schedule our ultrasound at 6 weeks. For my reassurance, I am asking to have another BETA on Friday. I also have no idea when we are 6 weeks. How do we determine how far along we are? My menstrual cycle was controlled by Lupron so I didn't ovulate when I should have so going by that date would not be accurate. I was going by three days before the date of the transfer as the day I ovulated since the embryos were transferred at 3 days. That would give me an ovulation date of 5/22 (transfer was 5/25). Does this make any sense?

Another concern of mine is my estrogen level. Though never formally diagnosed with an estrogen deficiency, I have been told my night sweats are caused by the drop of estrogen before my cycle. Before we started the medications and such for our first transfer in March, the night sweats were pretty much under control with birth control. However, since not being on the birth control consistently the night sweats have started back up again. About a week before my cycle starts I wake up 1-2x a night soaking wet and freezing. Sheets, pillow and pajamas. This cycle the night sweats started at the same time, about a week before my cycle was to start, however, they stopped Friday night (implantation?) only to come back Saturday night (and continuing).  Even though I take Estrace 2x daily, I can't help but think my estrogen level is low due to the night sweats. While I am not sure the exact role estrogen plays in pregnancy, I am sure it is important or I wouldn't be taking the Estrace, right? I am asking the doctor about this, too.

UGH. Seriously. Satan is constantly finding ways to attack us. Please pray that he DOES NOT win.

I will update when I know more....

Now What?

So now that we are pregnant, what do we do now? Another BETA is scheduled for today. That number will decide on when we are to schedule our first ultrasound. I am praying that it is soon because I want to know how many babies are in there! Of course, as soon as I found out the BETA from our first test I went online and it looked it up. I got so many different answers that I have no idea what to think. I did ask our nurse and she said it was perfect which is good enough for me (for now - I can't help be curious - we did transfer 3 excellent grade embryos after all!). The progesterone shots will continue 2x daily for at least the next month along with the Estrace 2x daily. Other than that, we are just to enjoy being pregnant! And, after an emotional 4 years, 3 ART, numerous protocols and too many shots/pills/dr. visits to count, we are ready to do just that :) GOD is good!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My New Favorite Number

My new favorite number is 420.
Why you ask?
Hint: We got the results of our BETA today :)

*Will post more later!!

No News Is Good News?

No News Is Good News - isn't that what people always say? Anyhow, I got my blood work done too late (I forgot about the time difference). By the time the results were sent to NEDC, they were closed. Well, I am guessing that is what happened because we did not hear from NEDC today. What is one more day, right?! Ugh. I did not give in to taking a HPT so we are totally in the dark. Hopefully, they call first thing in the morning!

On another note, I have not spotted anymore since Friday evening though I have had that 'feeling' I get before my cycle does start since then. The heartburn comes and goes as does the rash. The rash is becoming more concerning though as it is worse than before when it does appear (it comes and goes within minutes sometimes). I have tried to figure out the cause, but each time I think I know what is causing it, I am proven wrong. I hope to get into the dermatologist this week. As for other 'symptoms,' I have not wanted to eat because anything with a lot of flavor or substance has been giving me horrible heartburn. I have been living on cereal, strawberries, Goldfish Crackers, McDonald's Strawberry shakes and Chick-Fil-A for the last couple of days. Not super healthy, I know, but besides the heartburn, nothing sounds good or tastes good either.

On a third note, my current perspective: I am not seeing the glass half full or half empty, but rather even. I don't feel one way or another about this transfer. I think I have had my hopes up too many times before and got crushed, but obviously I think this can work or I wouldn't have gone through it all again. I am trying not to let Satan win this battle....Make sense?!

Before I go, I want to thank those of you who are following us for your thoughts, prayers and encouragement - all make this journey a bit easier!

Praying for good news tomorrow!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New BFFs: Maalox and Benadryl

Never can I remember having heartburn this bad. I woke up with it yesterday and have been battling with it on and off since. Not knowing whether or not I am pregnant, I didn't want to take anything. I finally had to give in, and after finding out what was alright to take, am downing Maalox every few hours for relief. While I am sure the two are not related, I also have been breaking out with hives and red splotches that itch. Again, once finding out what I could take, I am taking Benadryl along with the Maalox. Sweet relief! FYI: If I am pregnant the baby(ies) do not like Pizza Xplosive Flavor Blasted Goldfish crackers. Not only did this cause heartburn, but also an upset stomach.

*Warning: May contain TMI
On a more serious note, I spotted a bit yesterday (10 days past transfer of 3 3-day old embryos). Nothing heavy and it did only last yesterday, but it still left me a bit uneasy for two reasons. One, spotting while pregnant or waiting to find out if you are pregnant is almost never good. And, two, this is typical for my cycle. Spot one day, skip the next, and then the official start of my period a day after the spotting. Please be praying that the spotting was a one day thing and not the start of my next cycle.