Monday, April 19, 2010

May Transfer is ON!

After many emails between us and NEDC we finally were able to confirm a May 25 embryo transfer. Two months sooner than expected after we found out our first, second, and third choices were taken of the embryos we had to choose from originally. Needless to say we are excited!!!

I called my mom when there was even a possibility of a May transfer to see if she would be able to come down to watch Grace. She can (plane ticket already purchased!), and she is also going to watch Grace when we drive up to Michigan for Travis and Amy's wedding later that same week. This is such a huge blessing for a couple of reasons - we will not have to worry about finding some place to stay at night that accepts dogs, and we will not have to worry about Grace while we are busy with the wedding. I love my mom!

The last week of May is going to be crazy busy for us. Teacher's last day is Monday, May 24. As soon as we get released from school, Todd and I will load up the car and head to Knoxville. Though May 25 is the day of the actual transfer, a three day stay is recommend so we will not head home until Wednesday. Thursday we will be back on the road; this time heading up to Michigan for Travis and Amy's wedding. We will stop half way overnight with the hopes of getting to Sparta late Friday afternoon. Saturday is the wedding. We will be heading back home either Saturday night or early Sunday morning arriving home at the latest on Monday. I am tired just reading our schedule for that week!

Other news: TCAP is this week. For me, this means testing with one student in the morning and another in the afternoon. Fun times :) My brother has an interview with a principal in WCS for a middle school PE position next Monday - prayers appreciated! 2nd grade Business Day on Friday - so fun and so cute! I will post on Friday with a recap of the day and pictures.

Friday, April 16, 2010

GOD is good

If you are just now joining us in our journey: Our May transfer was pushed to July because our 1st, 2nd and 3rd embryo choices were no longer available leaving us with only 2. A minimum of 6 embryos are required. Not comfortable with the embryos still available for a May transfer we made the hard decision, and pushed our transfer back two months. This was very emotional for us. I could feel Satan attacking, but kept reminding myself that GOD does not make mistakes....

Present: God continues to shows us He is here - that He has not forgotten about our desire for children. I got an email from NEDC today letting us know that another profile became available today. This particular adoption would lead us to adopt 15 2PN embryos! *A 2PN embryo is the earliest stage when the sperm has penetrated the egg. Not only is this a huge money saver (unfortunately something we have to take into consideration after 2 failed attempts), but it would allow our children to be blood-related. Many times with embryo adoption the number of embryos available from one couple do not allow this so it is a huge blessing in many ways. Not to mention, out of all of the profiles we have had to choose from (over 100 between the 2 transfers!) this one matches us almost perfectly. Male donor is Dutch, Todd's height, (desired :)) weight, eye color, hair color/texture and skin tone. Female donor is German, my height, weight, hair texture and skin tone. Hair color is blond (which could be from my mom - she is a natural blond after all :)) and blue eyes (which must run on one side of the family!). Needless to say we are extremely excited about this opportunity!

Prayers needed: We are still trying to work out the details of when the transfer can take place. Being teachers with the last day of school for teachers being May 24, May is a difficult time to take two days off. Not to mention that we just confirmed that we could attend Travis and Amy's wedding on May 29. We were offered May 23 or 24, but have asked for May 25. May 25 would give us enough time to be in Knoxville for 3 days before having to head over to Michigan for the wedding. Anytime before this date would interfere with school and anytime after this date would interfere with the wedding. Todd and I have already decided should it interfere with the wedding that we would hold off on the transfer. We should hear something on Monday....