Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An (Uneventful)* 16 week Appointment

It seems that after four, very difficult years of trying to get pregnant, God has blessed us with an easy pregnancy (thus far)! Today's appointment was like the others - everything perfect :) We didn't have an u/s, but did get to hear the heartbeat which we hadn't heard since week 6.  I have gained 3 pounds - a little low, but the doctor wasn't too concerned as long as I continue to gain weight over the next few months at a somewhat faster pace. We also scheduled the BIG u/s for Tuesday, September 28. I can't wait to find out if we are Team Pink or Team Blue! I am starting to have somewhat of a baby bump - will post pictures soon!

Hope you are all having a blessed week!

*By uneventful I don't mean it wasn't exciting (because it was!) - maybe a better word to describe the apt. would be uncomplicated or perfect :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

15 weeks

*How far along? 15 weeks

  *How big is your baby? A navel orange

*Total weight gain: A little over 2lbs

*Sex: Only 5 more weeks until we can answer this one!

*Name: It’s a secret!

*Maternity clothes: Not yet – Thank you BellaBand!

*Stretch marks: Nothing yet, but my Burt’s Bees Mama Bee body oil has been ordered :)

*Movement: At least another month until we can answer this one!

*Sleep: Trips to the bathroom and night sweats kinda make for a not-so-good night’s sleep – I heart my after school naps!

*Best moment this week: Got our Michigan baby showers put on the calendar!

*Food cravings: Coke and Cherry mix Icee

*Labor signs: Let’s hold off on this one for at least another 5 months please!

*Belly button in or out: In

*What I miss: Raw Cake-Mix cookie dough

*What we're looking forward to: Next OB visit on 8/31 - we will get to hear the heartbeat which we haven't heard since week 6

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Big Sister

I am utterly shocked that I have not posted about THE Grace. Grace is our Silky Terrier. We have had her since she was two months old; she is going to be 8 on November 29.  Grace is spoiled, sassy and stubborn. She is also very smart. Too smart sometimes. She knows how to work us to get what she wants. She also does what she wants when she wants. We love her! We also talk about her a lot, and apparently I talk about her as if she were our human child. Twice now someone who had not known me well overheard me talking about Grace and commented that she did not know we had a daughter :)

Anyhow, THE Grace is absolutely thrilled that she is going to be a big sister (see picture below for proof). We have been prepping her since we first started for a baby four years ago. She gets along great with kids (even those that chase her and pull on her). We can stick our hand in her food dish, take food away and she will either eat around it or walk away. She shares her toys. She has never bit a human (dogs are another story). Our only concern is going to be toys. Grace loves toys, and up until now all toys and really anything else that she wants to play with (except Todd's Transformers) have been hers to play with. We do not know how we are going to teach her that the baby's toys are not hers to play with. Any suggestions?

As for baby news, we were 13 weeks last Saturday! Other than the frequent bathroom trips (which are lessening!), being tired and the night sweats, I do not feel pregnant. Let's hope this keeps up!

Thanks to those who are still reading - I love the comments! I have been a bad commenter and I apologize for that, but please know that I have been reading your blogs as you update them and have been thinking and praying for you all <3

Monday, August 2, 2010

Perfect (Again!)

We had our 12w2d appointment and u/s today. Once again we were amazed at what the u/s showed us! The u/s tech took us on a little tour - we got to see arms, legs, hands, feet, spinal cord, eyes, nose, ears, heart and even a tiny little stomach :) Apparently, the baby did not like all of the exploring, however, because he/she turned completely around. Where he/she started off facing us, we ended with his/her little backside looking at us. The u/s tech also did a 3-D scan. Nothing too exciting at this point. In fact, to be honest, the baby looked a little creepy! Heart rate today was a healthy 148 and he/she is actually measuring a little big right now at 12w4d. My apt. with the ob was a little less exciting. He checked my cervix and uterus. Again, the ob told us that the baby could not be looking any better!

Our next apt. is in a month. We will not be having another u/s until week 20 where we will find out whether we are having a baby boy or baby girl. We are already counting down....

I have about 10 posts to post. I hope to get to those before Friday - before my first day back to work - Yuck!
**This post is dedicated to DANA NICOLE BURCH**