Thursday, July 29, 2010

PIO Update

*PIO = Progesterone in Oil

I had my b/w done yesterday and received a call from the nurse at the NEDC today that I can stop all medications! I have no problems taking pills and I actually fell asleep during the last shot Todd gave me, so the medications didn't bother me in that way, but knowing that my body has taken over and is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing, is a REALLY good feeling :)

I have to have b/w done again next week just to make sure that my progesterone and estradiol levels are still where they need to be. After I hear from the NEDC about those results and assuming they are good, I will no longer need to report to the NEDC until the birth. Sad, a little because the NEDC has been nothing but great, but glad that our pregnancy will just be a regular pregnancy from here on out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PIO No More?

*PIO = Progesterone in Oil

Apparently my ob is not as quick with b/w results as the place I usually get my b/w at (they usually have the results to NEDC later that afternoon). Anyhow, the NEDC got my b/w back from my last ob apt. My progesterone and estradiol levels are looking great meaning that the placenta is doing its job producing the correct amount of hormones. YEA! The nurse from the NEDC told me that I can cut the dosages for both the PIO and Estrace in half. So while I still am taking both 2x a day, the dosage is smaller. I will continue to take these dosages for 5 days or so before I have my b/w checked again. It looks as though my days of shooting up may be coming to an end....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby's First Gift!

Todd and I went out to lunch with Aunt Liz today - a crazy woman I teach with :) She had a gift for baby. While Todd and I have bought the baby things, this is the first gift from someone else. Isn't it cute??!! Thanks Aunt Liz!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful!

We had our second u/s today. What a beautiful sight! Baby is continuing to measure right on track - 9w2d. The heartbeat was a healthy 175bpm. His/her little arm and leg buds were moving like crazy. The u/s tech commented on how active he/she was :) 

We also had our first apt. with a regular ob. He commented on how healthy the placenta/baby looked and told me to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing because it was working. We couldn't have asked for better news than that!! The due date is still February 12, 2011.

I am still not experiencing morning sickness - not complaining! I use the bathroom about 15-20 times a day thanks to my tilted uterus. I could be sleeping better, but overall I cannot complain. This has been a (thankfully) uneventful pregnancy thus far.

I am still on the progesterone injections 2x daily and taking Estrace 2x daily. Once the NEDC gets the results from the ob, I will know whether or not I cannot reduce the amount or even stop taking one or both completely. If I can stop the injections, Todd and I won't know what to do with ourselves at 10AM and 10PM everyday (though I am sure we can think of something!) :)

Our next u/s and apt. with our ob is schedule for Monday, August 2 or in 3 weeks when we will be at the start of our 2nd trimester.

I have a lot of posts yet to post of what has been going over the past couple of weeks which I will post soon (so patience DANA BURCH!). Those posts will get you up to do date with what has been going on....