Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 36 Appointment #2

**If you didn't see my update in my Week 36 Appointment post, my blood work came back with no major concerns though some acid level was borderline.

Landon @ 36w3d
Today's appointment was the same as Monday's with one exception - it started off with us seeing our boy! Another thorough ultrasound showed that he is weighing approximately 6.5lbs., amniotic fluid levels are good, blood flow through the umbilical cord is good - you get the idea, everything with him is good :) A check of my cervix showed that it was still good - high, firm and closed. Landon is still not ready to join us - which is another good thing, as we are not quite ready either!

Now the not so good. My blood pressure was still high. I heard the words borderline pre-eclampsia, modified bed rest and last day of work. Talk about some stress factors! My doctor ordered me or I guess, rather, advised me to stop working to reduce stress. you not know what I do?!? Okay, he probably doesn't, but come on!  If he had taken my blood pressure right then I think he would have admitted me to the hospital for observation which is a possibility at every appointment. *BTW: For those of you who don't know what I do, I teach 2nd/3rd grade special education. Not a job you can just stop going to exactly. And, it does not really cause me a lot of stress....

Anyhow, I agreed with my doctor no more work, however, Todd and I talked about it on the way home and I explained to him that I could not not go to work on Thursday and Friday. I needed time to not only get ready for a sub, but to process that I was going on maternity leave three weeks early (something we did not budget for). Todd agreed but only because the doctor said modified bed rest and he knows me well enough to know that having Wednesday be my last day would be more stressful than it being Friday. Oh, and, I had to agree to let the nurse take my blood pressure at school. If it was high, I will leave. I can handle that.

So, this is where we are at. I have been officially diagnosed with borderline pre-eclampsia and put on modified bed rest. I have to take my blood pressure daily. If it is above 140/90 I have to call the doctor and will most likely be admitted to the hospital for a 24-hour observation. I will have two appointments per week until Landon's arrival. I will have blood drawn at both of these appointments. If the levels of platelets or the acid are higher than my baseline, Landon will be arriving within 24 hours of when we got those results. At one of those appointments, we will also have an ultrasound. My last day of work for 15 weeks is this Friday. Whew!

My next appointment is next Monday when I will be 37 weeks and considered full-term. Praying that we can make at least that far!

We ask that you continue to pray that my platelet level and acid level remain at my baseline or lower so that Landon can continue to do what he needs to in there :)

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  1. Best to you and baby! Praying eclampsia stays far away! I had it (severe) at the end and it is scary but I'm like you-you just want to keep the baby (ies) in as long as possible. Our babies were all healthy at 34 weeks and 2 days so I'm praying your little miracle will be really heathy and a good birth weight too if born eariler than you thought. Hopefully you can make it a few more weeks! Just take it easy though! You're going to be really busy soon so take this time to really enjoy letting your hubby/others do things for you! Easier said than done ha. God bless!