Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ashley/Noorman Shower

Baby Shower - Take 2. After a couple of days and baby shower number 1 in my hometown, we drove over to the northern part of Michigan to Todd's hometown of Sparta (near Grand Rapids). Once again our family (namely my Sister-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, Grandma Ashley and Todd's aunts) outdid themselves and threw us a wonderful shower.

The love shown for our baby boy (who may be here sooner than we thought - post to come) and the generosity of those who attended, were more than Todd and I could have ever imagined. Family and friends of ours attended including one of Todd's college roommates and his wife and my suite-mate of three years (who I hadn't seen since my bridal shower 7 years ago!). We received our Boppy Newborn Lounger, picture frames, cute, tiny clothes and so much more!

My Sister-in-Law got us a scrapbook and had each table decorate different themed pages. All we have to do is add the pictures and text! PS - This is just a sampling - there are pages for his 1st Birthday to everyday to Family!
Erika (35 weeks pregnant) and I (21 weeks pregnant)
Chanter/Noorman Family Picture
Todd and I with Grandma Ashley

Landon is one loved baby boy!

Hand-made blanket from my Mother-in-Law


  1. What a lucky little boy Landon is to have so many people so excited about his arrival. You two are going to be great parents! Hope you are doing well and getting lots of rest!!!!

  2. What wonderful showers you had! So weird to think how close you were to where I I am only about 35 minutes from sparta/grand Rapids.Our RE is actually in grand rapids so that is where nanner is from :-)