Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 36 Appointment

My monthly appointments, as of today's, had turned into weekly appointments which have turned into (at least for this week possibly), two appointments per week thanks to high blood pressure. I had blood drawn to test for something - my doctor didn't say what. My only guess is pre-eclampsia as I had also gained 7 pounds in two weeks - Eek! I will find out tomorrow if all looks good. As for the rest of me, all is good, firm, closed and high :) And, as for Landon, he is still doing great and not showing any signs that he ready to make his grand appearance! I go back on Thursday for another appointment, blood work and ultra-sound. I can't wait to see my boy again - it has been two months!

Please pray with us that there is nothing more going on....

**Update** Blood work did not show anything concerning though some type of acid level was borderline. Everything will be checked again on Thursday.

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